Empowering students to reach their personal summits.

What our students and teachers are saying.

One of the greatest gifts that we have had the privilege of being involved in is the Discover Outdoors Foundation….We are so grateful for the DOF in working with our students and I look forward to continuing our good work together. It truly is amazing seeing our kids out in the fresh air, actively learning about world outside of Brooklyn.

–Lisa, School Principal

“I didn’t know you could learn so much from a hike!”

– Marcus

“Being in the woods, away from all the noise and pollution of the city was an amazing experience. I want to take my brother there and show him how to use a compass.”

– Camillo

“It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But standing on the summit with my classmates made all the work and sweat worth it.”

– Sarah

“I love my classmates. Mia rocked! She cheered and encouraged me on. She was a ‘one woman cheer squad’ and carried us to success. She never stopped saying ‘you got this.’”

- Sheryn


“Everything they put out there for us was awesome. I made the plan to give it all my best and I did! They said they’ve never seen someone climb so much so fast. That’s me.”

- Ronnie