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The Discover Outdoors Foundation began in 2012 with a singular focus: increasing graduation rates in our urban schools through education experienced in the outdoors. Inspired by the positive impact our for-profit business, Discover Outdoors, was making through our youth leadership program, we soon felt compelled to serve our entire community, not just those who could afford it. Since then, the path for hundreds of students has taken a different course; one that leads to a diploma and a brighter future. Meet our Board, Staff, and Guides:

Kirk Reynolds, Founder & Board Chairman

Kirk’s vision is to live in a world where everyone has access to the outdoors. With 13 years of experience leading a world-class team of wilderness guides, Kirk is committed to sharing his passion for the outdoors. Through the Discover Outdoors Foundation, Kirk’s dream of connecting communities to nature is becoming a reality, one student at a time.

Dan Cooper, Youth Program Director

Getting outside has always been a part of Dan’s life, from his early days in Utah skiing, rock-climbing, and backpacking, to his later years in Alaska ski-mountaineering. Most recently, he combined his love for being in the mountains with a love he has for education by serving as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Kyrgyzstan; in his free time as a volunteer teacher he skied and hiked in places around the country. Graduate school in International Educational Development at Teachers College brought Dan to New York City.

Dan Musick, Founding Board Member

Dan has been an avid backpacker since high school, and his travels have taken him throughout the trails of the United States as well as across many wild places within South America, Asia, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. He worked for several years teaching environmental education in Denali National Park, Alaska, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming and Yosemite National Park, California. Over the past 16 years, Dan has developed several outdoor education programs for various middle and high schools in Washington, DC, and New York City. Dan is currently a teacher at the Dalton School in New York City and owner of Forestcraft Camp, an expedition-based summer camp for teens in the Adirondacks.

Kathy Marryat, Board Member

Kathy is a senior digital marketing executive who has worked at Travelers and American Express, among other companies. She is an avid photographer who enjoys hiking and travel, having taken recent trips to Peru, China, Panama, the Caribbean, Patagonia, Cuba, Spain, and Portugal. She is a volunteer mentor with the Step Up Women’s Network.

Doug Cook, Board Member, Guide & Educator

Doug grew up on the ocean in Rhode Island but was always attracted by the mountains – hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. After college in Colorado and graduate school in the midwest (where there was neither a mountain nor an ocean), Doug went to work in the canyons of Wall Street. Following retirement in 2011, Doug refocused his interest on the outdoor life and has since hiked the Appalachian Trail. In addition to regular hikes in the NY/NJ area, he spends as much time as he can in his kayak in the marshes of coastal South Carolina with his wife and three adult children.

Sara Kleinberg, Board Member

Sara is a marketing executive at Google, with an M.B.A. in Marketing from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She is a runner, passionate hiker, regular attendee of the ballet and traveler to over 50 countries.

Kevin Cafaro, Board Member, Wilderness Guide & Educator

Kevin grew up in Ohio and New Jersey in the scouts, spending his days in the woods and climbing things he wasn’t supposed to. Nowadays you can find him hiking and climbing in the Shawangunks and the Adirondacks. He also enjoys snowboarding, scuba diving, and sailing in the tri-state area. He is always ready to share his experience as a high ropes instructor, and loves hitting the trail as much as possible.

Marc Magnus-Sharpe, Founding Board Member

Magnus envisions a world where each generation is more directly invested in nature and the outdoors. He has 28 years of experience as a teacher of math and science and as an administrator in independent and public charter schools. Currently he directs the Outdoor Education Program at Cornell University. Dedicated to engaging students through hands-on, experiential learning, Magnus has worked with a broad range of exceptional organizations deeply committed to sustainability, outdoor adventure, rescue and service. Living his mission, he spends his free time volunteering with National Ski Patrol and National Canoe Safety Patrol.

Lauren Skonieczny, Development Coordinator, Wilderness Guide & Educator

Lauren hails from the great state of Massachusetts.  She started exploring her backyard woods from the time she could walk and grew up hiking and camping throughout New England and upstate NY.  Her passion for the outdoors and her constant search for the next challenge has taken her on backpacking adventures both close to home in the ranges of the Presidentials and Adirondacks, and internationally in locations like Iceland and Dominica.  When she’s not escaping the city to get into the woods, Lauren is instructing cycling classes, running, playing with her (adorable) dog, or googling phrases that start with “Best Hiking in…”  After spending years in an office job, she has embraced her passion for an active lifestyle and loves to share her energy and excitement with other New Yorkers – helping them learn about the beauty in and beyond their backyard and to discover the great things they’re capable of accomplishing.

LeAnne Holland, Wilderness Guide & Educator

Born to the unique prairie ecosystem of western Minnesota (where the grasses grow seven feet tall and the trees grow miles apart), LeAnn embraced the simplicity and remoteness of primitive living. For diversity and adventure, she traveled to every U.S. state but Hawaii and 17 foreign countries, seeking out opportunities for mountaineering, expedition kayaking, and Tae Kwon Do. On summer breaks from teaching middle school on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, she put over 1500 miles on her legs hiking the Badlands, High Sierras of California, and the Appalachian Trail. Now in NYC working on her PhD. in Philosophy and Education, LeAnn lives to connect people to nature.

Zach Fisher, Wilderness Guide & Educator

Zach grew up in Northern California sandwiched between the coast, the redwood forests and the city of San Francisco. As a kid, his parents helped to foster a life of unbridled curiosity, an interest in art and music, and an acute connection to open spaces. As he grew older, he turned a romantic eye to New York and the culture of creativity that thrived there. He attends the Tom Brown Jr Tracker school in New Jersey where he studies primitive survival skills. Zach has travelled through Chile, India, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Greece, the United Kingdom, Bolivia, and more. He plays the drums, rides bikes, studies martial arts, writes, paints, and loves burritos.

Marcus Brooks, Wilderness Guide & Educator

Born in Harlem, Marcus has never let the city keep him from enjoying the great outdoors. His passion for adventure sports include hiking, climbing, skiing and spelunking.  He developed his love of the outdoors at a young age and had he pleasure of hiking the Grand Canyon while studying at Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona.

Sam Combs, Wilderness Guide and Educator

Sam hails from the North shore of Long Island where, believe it or not, it’s still possible to wander in the woods. Love for running, swimming and hiking were instilled early on by his parents who, being from Oklahoma, also enthusiastically encouraged exploring the wide open spaces of the South West. Sam loves to share stories from the road and hopes to keep adding to his adventures which include a tour of Central America, a sixth month 20,000 mile road trip from New York to Alaska and a recent summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Sam enjoys nothing more than to get out with fellow New Yorkers into some of the deep spaces that, luckily enough, are well within reach of our great city.

Megan Kennedy, Wilderness Educator and Guide

Megan recently moved back to New York after spending 3 years as a kayak, coasteer and surf instructor at an eco-lodge in Pembrokeshire, Wales. When not jumping off cliffs or swimming in the sea, she enjoys cycling, yoga, camping, rock climbing, weightlifting, snowboarding, horseback riding and generally being active outdoors. She has been lucky enough to have adventures all around the world, from the Arctic Circle to Croatia to Peru, but she still has so much more to see! Most importantly, she is a mother to two beautiful cats, Archimedes and Professor Alistair Duckworth.

Bailey Briggs, Wilderness Educator and Guide

Bailey grew up in South Eastern Connecticut where her parents limited TV time and encouraged her love for the outdoors and inspired her passion for adventure.  After summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, Bailey came back to NY and realized there was more to the city than what she was finding sitting at her desk, staring at a computer screen.  With Discover Outdoors, Bailey has found the ideal mix of outdoor adventure and meeting new people through new experiences.  When Bailey isn’t finding ways to break a sweat, you can find her channeling her creativity through photography and sometimes painting.

Paul Olivier, Wilderness Educator and Guide

Paul is a local, and wears his Brooklyn stripes proudly. He discovered the outdoors at the age of seventeen on a camping trip to the Catskills. Throughout his college years he went on some wild backpacking and bushwhacking trips. As his outdoor resume grew, he attended a few wilderness survival classes to hone his skills. Every time he attended a study abroad program the first thing he did was to go to the mountains. That drive took him to the Andes of Ecuador, Atlas Range in Morocco, and even to the volcanoes of Mexico. Now he strives to always prove his skills and enhance his experience and show even a city kid can hang with the best of them.

Alexis Krauss, Wilderness Educator and Guide

Alexis has always possessed a deep love and respect for nature. As a child growing up in New Jersey she spent her time climbing trees, swimming, fishing, cliff jumping, kayaking and snorkeling. After moving to New York City to pursue a degree in International Studies, she discovered the mountain ranges of the Northeast. Whether it was working for Teach for America as a New York City Public School teacher or touring the world as a musician, she has always made time for epic adventures like backpacking the Sierras in California, leading multi-pitch climbs in Idaho’s City of Rocks and hiking the Presidentials in New Hampshire. Alexis spends most weekends rock climbing, camping, snowboarding and hiking with her friends, family and her “adventure pup” Riz. Alexis is thrilled to be connecting her passion for education with her love of exploring through Discover Outdoors.

Board of Directors

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Kathy Marryat
Dan Musick
Doug Cook
Sara Kleinberg
Kevin Cafaro

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