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Discovering the outdoors can be a life-changing experience, whether it’s in a local park or on a multi-day excursion. Our programs are designed to guide students through the discovery process, growing their confidence and skills through challenge and adventure. If you are a teacher or administrator, please contact us to determine which program is best for your school.


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Hike, Climb, Kayak, and More!


See your students grow and develop while hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and more.  Hear students say, “I can’t believe I did that!,”  “You can do it!,”  “We did it!.”  Our outdoor adventure activities take students to places they’ve never been, and provide the opportunity to do something few have done before.  With every passing activity, your students will think differently, behave differently, and perform differently—in positive and measurable ways.


NYC Science Scope and Sequence Aligned


Have a unit you’d like to expand on, or just want to have lab outside one day?  Maybe you want to review material for an upcoming exam?  Whatever your need, we can take your content, in almost any subject, and build in activities and lessons that achieve measurable outcomes.  A Language Arts class might take a naturalist’s passage and read, ponder, and reflect on it in context.  A science class might plot, analyze and interpret different objects and ecological factors in the forest around them.



Providing Students with the Tools to become Community Leaders


Want to train student-leaders or develop a team of students?  Blending content from our Environmental Science and Outdoor Adventure programs, but emphasizing leadership development, this program trains students to be backpackers, environmental stewards, dependable teammates, leaders, mentors, and more.



Two Weeks of Summer Fun and Leadership Skills


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