Environmental Education

Bring the Classroom to Life!

Have a unit you’d like to expand on, or just want to have lab outside one day?  Maybe you want to review material for an upcoming exam?  Whatever your need, we can take your content, in almost any subject, and build in activities and lessons that achieve measurable outcomes.  A Language Arts class might take a naturalist’s passage and read, ponder, and reflect on it in context.  A science class might plot, analyze and interpret different objects and ecological factors in the forest around them.


After School Programs

The perfect addition to your school’s list of after-school programming, our after-school programs extend the classroom and the fun.

Earth Sciences Programs

If you have a child or student with Earth Sciences this year, introduce our supplemental, focused programming to the agenda for immersive, experiential learning.

Living Environment Programs

How cool is it that students get to learn about the Living Environment? And what better way to enhance their lessons than by getting them out and experiencing it?


 Interested in learning more about how your students can discover more?  Apply for our program here.


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