Outdoor Adventure

Hike, Climb, Kayak, and More!

See your students grow and develop while hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and more.  Hear students say, “I can’t believe I did that!,”  “You can do it!,”  “We did it!.”  Our outdoor adventure activities take students to places they’ve never been, and provide the opportunity to do something few have done before.  With every passing activity, your students will think differently, behave differently, and perform differently—in positive and measurable ways.

For select activities, age and group size restrictions apply.


Students experience their first hikes – from local parks to mountain tops.


While exploring local ecosystems, kids learn teamwork and focus through paddling

Rock Climbing

Students get a whole new experience and gain confidence while learning about physiology and exercise


Participants plan, pack for, and lead a multi-day outdoor adventure.


Winter provides a whole new chance to learn about the outdoor world and the animals in our region


Students can explore new landscapes while challenging themselves and having fun

Primitive Skills

Patience, trust, and curiosity fuel the pursuit of primitive and survival knowledge


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